Talks in the Symposium on Reassessments

Simon During speaks on “Christian culture? Rereading the late T.S.Eliot in dangerous times”. Chaired by Lucy Hughes-Hallet. Introductory remarks to the symposium by by Amit Chaudhuri.


Jessa Crispin speaks on “Reloading the Canon: Rethinking Greatness in an Age of Identity Politics”. Chaired by Tiffany Atkinson.


Anjali Joseph speaks on “Madame Bovary and the impossibility of re-reading”. Chaired by Jon Cook.


Saikat Majumdar speaks on “Literature as sin”. Chaired by Sumit Chakrabarti.


Marco Roth speaks on “Not Even The Past is Safe: “Some observations on anachronic styles in the contemporary literary essay”. Chaired by Amit Chaudhuri.


Simon Glendinning speaks on “Beyond Eurocentrism and Anti-Eurocentrism”. Chaired by Suddhaseel Sen.


Arvind Krishna Mehrotra speaks on”Reshma Aquil of Daryabad”. Chaired by Jon Cook.


Amit Chaudhuri speaks on “Possible, not Alternative, Histories”. Chaired by Simon Glendinning.


Karthika Nair speaks on”True Lies: The Licence to Create & Kill in Adaptations” (with a few video excerpts). Chaired by Saikat Majumdar.


Jon Cook delivers the closing address on the symposium on ‘Reassessments