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The University of East Anglia in India will hold a three-day symposium on this subject and its attendant questions.
The project also involves the Universities of Oxford, Stanford, and York, CNRS Paris, and eminent novelists, writers, and publishers from all over the world.

The symposium takes place on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th December 2014 at Jadavpur University and Presidency University, with panel discussions in the evenings at the Seagull book store. Among our other partners are Infosys, British Council, The Caravan magazine, and the national dailies, The Telegraph and The Indian Express.


Speakers and Participants:
  • Prof Derek Attridge (York) Inaugural UEA Infosys Lecture
  • Prof Peter D McDonald (Oxford)
  • Dr Laetitia Zecchini (CNRS, Paris)
  • Dr Saikat Majumdar, Stanford University (novelist)
  • Dubravka Ugresic (novelist, essayist, author of The Ministry of Pain and Thank You for not Reading)
  • David Graham (formerly CEO of Canongate, Granta, and Union Books)
  • Rosinka Chaudhuri (Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta; author of The Literary Thing)
  • Amit Chaudhuri (UEA, novelist, critic, and musician)
  • Jamie McKendrick (Forward Prize-winning poet and translator)
  • Prof Swapan Chakraborty, Jadavpur University (former Director General, National Library)
Other Participants:
  • Prof Jon Cook (former Dean of the Arts and Humanities, UEA)
  • Arvind Krishna Mehrotra (poet and critic)
  • Benjamin Kunkel (novelist, critic, and founder editor of n+1, most recently author of Utopia or Bust)
  • Anjum Hasan (Books editor, The Caravan magazine; poet and novelist)
  • Prof Ananda Lal, Jadavpur University (Director, Writers Workshop)
  • Naveen Kishore (Publisher, Seagull Books)
  • Samantak Das (Jadavpur University)
  • Abhijit Gupta (Jadavpur University)
  • Shanta Datta (Presidency University)
  • Chinmay Guha (Calcutta University)